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Early 2000's

"July 2014 to March 2020"

On July 19, 2014, Rev. Anthony E. Owens was elected pastor of the Liberty Baptist Church. He is the former Youth Minister of Paramount Baptist Church of Washington, D.C. Rev. Owens preached to the church as Pastor-Elect for the first time on August 31, 2014. It was at that time when he and his lovely wife, Margaret Owens, joined Liberty.  


Rev. Owens was formally installed as Pastor of this great church on March 8, 2015.  Since that time, many individuals have join Liberty through Restoration of Membership, under Christian Experience or as a Candidate for Baptism.  In addition, the following lists many great accomplishments that have occurred to enrich our history:

  • Established a presence on social media: Follow Pastor Owens on Twitter at @preacher3924; on Instagram at preacher3924; and friend him on FaceBook at (Rev. Anthony Owens).

  • Reestablished our website:

  • Traveled back to Lincoln Park, which is where our current location started in this neighborhood almost 53 years ago, and talked to the people there about the God we serve.

  • Enhanced our audio equipment with better sound quality and new microphones in the pulpit and choir loft.

  • Established a Praise Team, which ushers in the spirit through songs of praise for Sunday Morning Worship and other special services.

  • Hosted a Community Race Relations Forum, in the aftermath of the killings at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, as well as several church burnings in the south.

  • Adopted the Payne Elementary School of Washington, DC in order to provide tutoring, mentoring and other needs.

After much prayer and consideration, Pastor Owens resigned from the pastorate of Liberty Baptist Church in March, 2020.

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